Review: A ReMarkable Paper Alternative

A review of the reMarkable 2 tablet, written by a writer, editor, and daily user who has owned the device for almost six months.

ReMarkable did not solicit this review. They don’t even know I exist. I am a daily user, and I love this product, so I recommend it to other writers and editors often. The reMarkable 2 has revolutionized how I write, edit, and plan. Here, you’ll learn what the reMarkable 2 is and how it has completely changed my daily life.


Product Overview

The reMarkable is a lightweight paper alternative. Essentially, it’s a pressure-sensitive e-ink display with a variety of built-in templates you can use to create “notebooks.” Your work syncs wirelessly to the reMarkable application (which is available for desktop and mobile devices). Notebooks and documents can be organized into folders.

The battery life on the reMarkable is pretty insane. I can go an entire week without recharging, and I use it several times a day, sometimes for long stretches at a time. For more detailed information, you can find a link to their specs page at the end of this article.

Daily Use


I have five children, and I home educate the three oldest. I need a planning system. The reMarkable 2 comes with an undated weekly planner template that has replaced my huge, three-pound MAMBI tome.

The reMarkable template—a weekly dashboard—is the same layout I used in my MAMBI planner, but if you prefer a different kind of layout, you can create it yourself using one of the bullet journal templates provided. You can choose from the various sized grid and dot layouts. There are even half-page layouts, where the top or bottom half contain grids, lines, or dots, and the other half is blank.


I prefer handwriting to typing, so I journal and write every day on my reMarkable 2. You can choose from several different pens, pencils, brushes, and markers, all of which are pressure-sensitive and available in different thicknesses. Switching between them on the interface is simple.

Writing with the reMarkable pen itself feels almost exactly like writing on paper. The display has a subtle, paper-like texture, so writing on it isn’t anything like writing with a stylus on Gorilla Glass. You’ll feel the resistance and hear the scratching sound that occurs when you write on paper, too!

I also enjoy practicing calligraphy, so I absolutely love the fact that reMarkable provides calligraphy worksheet templates.


The first step in my editing process is to read a piece in its entirety—in my bed, under a soft blanket. Before purchasing the reMarkable 2, I had to print each document, which wasted a ton of paper. Plus, all those pages were a pain to manage. Now, I transfer the PDF to my reMarkable, do my first read—highlighting passages, scribbling queries in the margins—and once finished, I can email the file to the client straight from the device. Amazing.


Confession: I play journaling RPGs, all of which I download in PDF format from The reMarkable 2 allows me to put the game rules into the same folder as the notebook I’m playing in, which makes switching back and forth between them so easy. I love not having to shuffle through printed copies or burn through notebooks!

Do I recommend the reMarkable 2?

Yes. A thousand times yes. Why are you even still here? Go buy one!

If you’d like to know more about the reMarkable 2, you can check out the specifications here or drop a question in the comments. After nearly six months of daily use, I cannot say enough good things about this device and consider it a worthwhile investment for writers, editors, journalers, pen and paper gamers, and devoted planners.

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